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Table 3809

Values for IPX socket number:
 0451h	File Service (NetWare Core Protocol)
 0452h	Service Advertising Protocol (SAP) (see #03817)
 0453h	Routing Information Packet (see #03820)
 0455h	NetBIOS Packet
 0456h	diagnostics
 0457h	server serial numbers (labeled "Copy Protection" by Lanalyzer)
 2222h	NetWare Core Protocol
 4000h-7FFFh used for dynamic allocation
 4000h \ seem to be used by IPX internally
 4001h /
 4444h	Brightwork Development's SiteLock server
 5555h	Brightwork Development's SiteLock client (workstation)
 8000h-FFFFh assigned by Novell
 869Ch	ID Software's DOOM
 901Fh	Lancheck
 9023h	Server info (NetWare "Slurpee", NetWare Lite, Personal NetWare)
 9024h	Client info (NetWare "Slurpee", NetWare Lite, Personal NetWare)
 9025h	Serial socket (NetWare "Slurpee", NetWare Lite, Personal NetWare)
 9026h	Extension info (NetWare Lite, Personal NetWare???)
Notes:	SiteLock is an application metering product using IPX to communicate
	  between the application and the license server
	IPX socket numbers should be registered with the Novell Development
	  Products Division
SeeAlso: INT 7A/BX=0001h

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