Format of Linear Executable (enhanced mode executable) header:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h  2 BYTEs	"LE" (4Ch 45h) signature (Windows)
		"LX" (4Ch 58h) signature (OS/2)
 02h	BYTE	byte order (00h = little-endian, nonzero = big-endian)
 03h	BYTE	word order (00h = little-endian, nonzero = big-endian)
 04h	DWORD	executable format level
 08h	WORD	CPU type (see also INT 15/AH=C9h)
		01h Intel 80286 or upwardly compatible
		02h Intel 80386 or upwardly compatible
		03h Intel 80486 or upwardly compatible
		04h Intel Pentium (80586) or upwardly compatible
		20h Intel i860 (N10) or compatible
		21h Intel "N11" or compatible
		40h MIPS Mark I (R2000, R3000) or compatible
		41h MIPS Mark II (R6000) or compatible
		42h MIPS Mark III (R4000) or compatible
 0Ah	WORD	target operating system
		01h OS/2
		02h Windows
		03h European DOS 4.0
		04h Windows 386
 0Ch	DWORD	module version
 10h	DWORD	module type (see #01610)
 14h	DWORD	number of memory pages
 18h	Initial CS:EIP
	DWORD	object number
	DWORD	offset
 20h	Initial SS:ESP
	DWORD	object number
	DWORD	offset
 28h	DWORD	memory page size
 2Ch	DWORD	(Windows LE) bytes on last page
		(OS/2 LX) page offset shift count
 30h	DWORD	fixup section size
 34h	DWORD	fixup section checksum
 38h	DWORD	loader section size
 3Ch	DWORD	loader section checksum
 40h	DWORD	offset of object table (see #01611)
 44h	DWORD	object table entries
 48h	DWORD	object page map table offset (see #01613)
 4Ch	DWORD	object iterate data map offset
 50h	DWORD	resource table offset
 54h	DWORD	resource table entries
 58h	DWORD	resident names table offset (see #01614)
 5Ch	DWORD	entry table offset (see #01615,#01616)
 60h	DWORD	module directives table offset
 64h	DWORD	Module Directives entries
 68h	DWORD	Fixup page table offset
 6Ch	DWORD	Fixup record table offset (see #01618)
 70h	DWORD	imported modules name table offset
 74h	DWORD	imported modules count
 78h	DWORD	imported procedures name table offset
 7Ch	DWORD	per-page checksum table offset
 80h	DWORD	data pages offset
 84h	DWORD	preload page count
 88h	DWORD	non-resident names table offset
 8Ch	DWORD	non-resident names table length
 90h	DWORD	non-resident names checksum
 94h	DWORD	automatic data object
 98h	DWORD	debug information offset
 9Ch	DWORD	debug information length
 A0h	DWORD	preload instance pages number
 A4h	DWORD	demand instance pages number
 A8h	DWORD	extra heap allocation
 ACh 12 BYTEs	reserved
 B8h	DWORD	offset of VERSIONINFO resource (MS-Windows VxD only)
 BCh	DWORD	pointer to ??? (dynamically-loadable VxDs only???)
 C0h	WORD	device ID (MS-Windows VxD only)
 C2h	WORD	DDK version (MS-Windows VxD only)
Note:	used by EMM386.EXE, QEMM, and Windows 3.0 Enhanced Mode drivers