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Table 3306

Values for Packet Driver network interface classes/types:
    Class 01h  Ethernet/IEEE 802.3
	01h 3COM 3C500/3C501
	02h 3COM 3C505
	03h MICOM-Interlan NI5010
	04h BICC Data Networks 4110
	05h BICC Data Networks 4117
	06h MICOM-Interlan NP600
	08h Ungermann-Bass PC-NIC
	09h Univation NC-516
	0Ah TRW PC-2000
	0Bh MICOM-Interlan NI5210
	0Ch 3COM 3C503
	0Dh 3COM 3C523
	0Eh Western Digital WD8003
	0Fh Spider Systems S4
	10h Torus Frame Level
	11h 10Net Communications
	12h Gateway PC-bus
	13h Gateway AT-bus
	14h Gateway MCA-bus
	15h IMC PCnic
	16h IMC PCnic II
	17h IMC PCnic 8-bit
	18h Tigan Communications
	19h Micromatic Research
	1Ah Clarkson "Multiplexor"
	1Bh D-Link 8-bit
	1Ch D-Link 16-bit
	1Dh D-Link PS/2
	1Eh Research Machines 8
	1Fh Research Machines 16
	20h Research Machines MCA
	21h Radix Microsystems EXM1 16-bit
	22h Interlan Ni9210
	23h Interlan Ni6510
	24h Vestra LANMASTER 16-bit
	25h Vestra LANMASTER 8-bit
	26h Allied Telesis PC/XT/AT
	27h Allied Telesis NEC PC-98
	28h Allied Telesis Fujitsu FMR
	29h Ungermann-Bass NIC/PS2
	2Ah Tiara LANCard/E AT
	2Bh Tiara LANCard/E MC
	2Ch Tiara LANCard/E TP
	2Dh Spider Communications SpiderComm 8
	2Eh Spider Communications SpiderComm 16
	2Fh AT&T Starlan NAU
	30h AT&T Starlan-10 NAU
	31h AT&T Ethernet NAU
	32h Intel smart card
	33h Xircom Packet Adapter
	34h Aquila Ethernet
	35h Novell NE1000
	36h Novell NE2000
	37h SMC PC-510
	38h AT&T Fiber NAU
	39h NDIS to Packet Driver adapter
	3Ah Racal-InterLan ES3210
	3Bh General Systems ISDN simulated Ethernet
	3Ch Hewlett-Packard
	3Dh IMC EtherNic-8
	3Eh IMC EtherNic-16
	3Fh IMC EtherNic-MCA
	40h NetWorth EtherNext
	41h Dataco Scanet
	43h C-Net
	44h Gandalf LANLine
	45h Apricot built-in
	46h David Systems Ether-T
	47h ODI to Packet Driver adapter (see also INT 2F/AX=5100h)
	48h AMD Am21110-16
	49h Intel ICD Network controller family
	4Ah Intel ICD PCL2
	4Bh Intel ICD PCL2A
	4Ch AT&T LANPacer
	4Dh AT&T LANPacer+
	4Fh AT&T StarStation
	50h SLIP simulated ethernet
	51h Racal-Interlan NIA310
	52h Racal-Interlan NISE
	53h Racal-Interlan NISE30
	54h Racal-Interlan NI6610
	55h Ethernet over IP/UDP
	56h ICL EtherTeam 16
	57h David Systems
	58h NCR WaveLAN
	59h Thomas Contrad TC5045
	5Ah Russ Nelson's Parallel Port driver
	5Bh Intell EtherExpress 16
	5Dh Zenith Z-Note
	5Eh 3Com 3C509
	5Fh Mylex LNE390
	60h Madge Smart Ringnode
	61h Novell NE2100
	62h Allied Telesis 1500
	63h Allied Telesis 1700
	64h Fujitsu EtherCoupler
    Class 02h  ProNET-10
	01h Proteon p1300
	02h Proteon p1800
    Class 03h  IEEE 802.5/ProNet-4 (without expanded RIFs)
	01h IBM Token-Ring Adapter
	02h Proteon p1340
	03h Proteon p1344
	04h Gateway PC-bus
	05h Gateway AT-bus
	06h Gateway MCA-bus
	07h Madge board
	39h NDIS to Packet Driver adapter
	47h ODI to Packet Driver adapter
    Class 04h  Omninet
    Class 05h  Appletalk
	01h ATALK.SYS adapter
    Class 06h  Serial Line
	01h Clarkson 8250-SLIP
	02h Clarkson "Multiplexor"
	03h Eicon Technologies
    Class 07h  StarLAN (subsumed by Ethernet class)
    Class 08h  ARCnet
	01h Datapoint RIM
    Class 09h  AX.25
	01h Ottawa PI card
	02h Eicon Technologies
    Class 0Ah  KISS
    Class 0Bh  IEEE 802.3 with 802.2 headers
	types same as for class 01h
    Class 0Ch  FDDI with 802.2 headers
	01h Western Digital
	02h Frontier Technology
    Class 0Dh  Internet X.25
	01h Western Digital
	02h Frontier Technology
	03h Emerging Technologies
	04h The Software Forge
	05h Link Data Intelligent X.25
	06h Eicon Technologies
    Class 0Eh  N.T. LANSTAR (encapsulating DIX Ethernet)
    Class 0Fh  SLFP (MIT serial specification)
	01h MERIT
    Class 10h  PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol)
	01h 8250/16550 UART
	02h Niwot Networks synch
	03h Eicon Technologies
    Class 11h  802.5 with expanded RIFs
	types same as for class 3
    Class 12h  reserved for LCP/NCPs
Note: class and type numbers are cleared through FTP Software

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