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Table 1406

Format of Turbo Debugger status block:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	BYTE	status of command (see #01405)
---status for command 01h---
 01h	WORD	device driver interface version number (currently 1)
 03h	WORD	device driver software version
 05h	BYTE	maximum simultaneous hardware breakpoints
 06h	BYTE	configuration bits (see #01407)
 07h	BYTE	supported breakpoint types (see #01408)
 08h	WORD	supported addressing match modes (see #01409)
 0Ah	WORD	supported data matches (see #01410)
 0Ch	BYTE	maximum data match length (01h, 02h, or 04h)
 0Dh	WORD	size of onboard memory (in KB)
 0Fh	WORD	maximum number of trace-back events
 11h	WORD	hardware breakpoint enable byte address segment (0000h if not
---status for command 04h---
 01h	BYTE	handle to use when referring to the just-set breakpoint

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