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Table 3305

Values for Packet Driver error code:
 01h "BAD_HANDLE"	invalid handle number
 02h "NO_CLASS"		no interfaces of the specified class found
 03h "NO_TYPE"		no interfaces of the specified type found
 04h "NO_NUMBER"	no interfaces of the specified number found
 05h "BAD_TYPE"		bad packet type
 06h "NO_MULTICAST"	interface does not support multicast messages
 07h "CANT_TERMINATE"	this packet driver cannot terminate
 08h "BAD_MODE"		invalid receiver mode
 09h "NO_SPACE"		insufficient space
 0Ah "TYPE_INUSE"	type accessed but never released
 0Bh "BAD_COMMAND"	bad command
 0Ch "CANT_SEND"	packet could not be sent
 0Dh "CANT_SET"		hardware address could not be changed
 0Eh "BAD_ADDRESS"	hardware address has a bad length or format
 0Fh "CANT_RESET"	could not reset interface

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