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Table 1805

Format of NetWare capture flags table:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	BYTE	status (used internally, should be set to 00h)
 01h	BYTE	print flags (see #01806)
 02h	BYTE	tab size (01h-12h, default 08h)
 03h	BYTE	printer number on server (00h-04h, default 00h)
 04h	BYTE	number of copies to print (00h-FFh, default 01h)
 05h	BYTE	form type required in printer (default 00h)
 06h	BYTE	reserved
 07h 13 BYTEs	text to be placed on banner page
 14h	BYTE	reserved
 15h	BYTE	default local printer (00h = LPT1)
 16h	WORD	(big-endian) timeout in clock ticks for flushing capture file
		  on inactivity, or 0000h to disable timeout
 18h	BYTE	flush capture file on LPT close if nonzero
 19h	WORD	(big-endian) maximum lines per page
 1Bh	WORD	(big-endian) maximum characters per line
 1Dh 13 BYTEs	name of form required in printer
 2Ah	BYTE	LPT capture flag
		00h inactive, FFh LPT device is being captured
 2Bh	BYTE	file capture flag
		00h if no file specified, FFh if capturing to file
 2Ch	BYTE	timing out (00h if no timeout in effect, FFh if timeout counter
 2Dh	DWORD	(big-endian) address of printer setup string
 31h	DWORD	(big-endian) address of printer reset string
 35h	BYTE	target connection ID
 36h	BYTE	capture in progress if FFh
 37h	BYTE	job queued for printing if FFh
 38h	BYTE	print job valid if FFh
 39h	DWORD	bindery object ID of print queue if previous byte FFh
 3Dh	WORD	(big-endian) print job number (1-999)

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