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Table 3203

Values for SQL Base function number:
 01h	"SQLFINI" initalialize application's use of the database
 02h	"SQLFDON" application is done using the database
 03h	"SQLFCON" connect to a cursor/database
 04h	"SQLFDIS" disconnect from a cursor/database
 05h	"SQLFCOM" compile a SQL command
 06h	"SQLFEXE" execute a SQL command
 07h	"SQLFCEX" compile and execute a SQL command
 08h	"SQLFCMT" commit a transaction to the database
 09h	"SQLFDES" describe the items of a SELECT statement
 0Ah	"SQLFGFI" get fetch information
 0Bh	"SQLFFBK" fetch previous result row from SELECT statement
 0Ch	"SQLFFET" fetch next result row from SELECT statement
 0Dh	"SQLFEFB" enable fetch backwards
 0Eh	"SQLFPRS" position in result set
 0Fh	"SQLFURS" undo result set
 10h	"SQLFNBV" get number of bind variables
 11h	"SQLFBND" bind data variables
 12h	"SQLFBNN" bind numerics
 13h	"SQLFBLN" bind long number
 14h	"SQLFBLD" bind long data variables
 15h	"SQLFSRS" start restriction set processing
 16h	"SQLFRRS" restart restriction set processing
 17h	"SQLFCRS" close restriction set
 18h	"SQLFDRS" drop restriction set
 19h	"SQLFARF" apply Roll Forward journal
 1Ah	"SQLFERF" end Roll Forward journal
 1Bh	"SQLFSRF" start Roll Forward journal
 1Ch	"SQLFSTO" store a compiled SQL command
 1Dh	"SQLFRET" retrieve a compiled SQL command
 1Eh	"SQLFDST" drop a stored command
 1Fh	"SQLFCTY" get command type
 20h	"SQLFEPO" get error position
 21h	"SQLFGNR" get number of rows
 22h	"SQLFNSI" get number of select items
 23h	"SQLFRBF" get Roll Back flag
 24h	"SQLFRCD" get return code
 25h	"SQLFROW" get number of ROWs
 26h	"SQLFSCN" set cursor name
 27h	"SQLFSIL" set isolation level
 28h	"SQLFSLP" set log parameters
 29h	"SQLFSSB" set select buffer
 2Ah	"SQLFSSS" set sort space
 2Bh	"SQLFRLO" read long
 2Ch	"SQLFWLO" write long
 2Dh	"SQLFLSK" long seek
 2Eh	"SQLFGLS" get long size
 2Fh	"SQLFELO" end long operation
 30h	"SQLFRBK" roll back a transaction from the database
 31h	"SQLFERR" error message
 32h	"SQLFCPY" copy
 33h	"SQLFR01" reserved
 34h	"SQLFSYS" system
 35h	"SQLFSTA" statistics
 36h	"SQLFR02" reserved
 37h	"SQLFXAD" extra add
 38h	"SQLFXCN" extra character to number
 39h	"SQLFXDA" extra date add
 3Ah	"SQLFXDP" extra date picture
 3Bh	"SQLFXDV" extra divide
 3Ch	"SQLFXML" extra multiply
 3Dh	"SQLFXNP" extra number picture
 3Eh	"SQLFXPD" extra picture date
 3Fh	"SQLFXSB" extra subtract
 40h	"SQLFINS" install database
 41h	"SQLFDIN" deinstall database
 42h	"SQLFDIR" directory of databases
 43h	"SQLFTIO" timeout
 44h	"SQLFFQN" get fully qualified column name
 45h	"SQLFEXP" explain execution plan
 46h	"SQLFFER" get full error
 47h	"SQLFBKP" begin online backup
 48h	"SQLFRDC" read backup data chunk
 49h	"SQLFEBK" end backup
 4Ah	"SQLFRES" begin restore from backup
 4Bh	"SQLFWDC" write backup data chunk for restore
 4Ch	"SQLFRRD" recover restored database to consistent state
 4Dh	"SQLFERS" end restore
 4Eh	"SQLFNRR" return number of result set rows
 4Fh	"SQLFSTR" start restriction mode
 50h	"SQLFSPR" stop restriction mode
 51h	"SQLFCNC" connect 2
 52h	"SQLFCNR" connect with no recovery
 53h	"SQLFOMS" set output message size
 54h	"SQLFIMS" set input message size
 55h	"SQLFSCP" set cache pages
 56h	"SQLFDSC" describe items of a SELECT statement (external)
 57h	"SQLFLAB" get label info for items in SELECT statement
 58h	"SQLFCBV" clear bind variables
 59h	"SQLFGET" get database information
 5Ah	"SQLFSET" set database information
 5Bh	"SQLFTEC" translate error code

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