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Table 702

Format of Cards Services Client Information:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	WORD	maximum length of data in bytes (180)
 02h	WORD	(ret) length of returned data
 04h	WORD	attributes (see #00703)
 06h	WORD	revision level (BCD)
 08h	WORD	Card Services level (BCD)
 0Ah	WORD	revision date (DOS packed date format) (see #01666)
 0Ch	WORD	offset to name
 0Eh	WORD	length of name
 10h	WORD	offset to vendor string
 12h	WORD	length of vendor string
 14h 80 BYTEs	buffer for name
 64h 80 BYTEs	buffer for vendor string
SeeAlso: #00700,#00704

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