Values for HP Vectra scancodes and BIOS keycodes for V_RAW translator:
	      INT 09		 INT 16 keycode
    Key	     scan code	Default	 Shifted   Ctrl	     Alt
 * (NumPd)	37h	2Ah	 (Prt Sc)  00/72h    00/37H
 Sysreq		54h	  --	 --	   --	     --
 CCP-Up		60h	00/D9h	 00/BFh	   00/A5h    00/8BH
 CCP-Left	61h	00/DAh	 00/C0h	   00/A6h    00/8CH
 CCP-Down	62h	00/DBh	 00/C1h	   00/A7h    00/8DH
 CCP-Right	63h	00/DCh	 00/C2h	   00/A8h    00/8EH
 CCP-Home	64h	00/DDh	 00/C3h	   00/A9h    00/8FH
 CCP-PgUp	65h	00/DEh	 00/C4h	   00/AAh    00/90H
 CCP-End	66h	00/DFh	 00/C5h	   00/ABh    00/91H
 CCP-PgDn	67h	00/E0h	 00/C6h	   00/ACh    00/92H
 CCP-Ins	68h	00/E1h	 00/C7h	   00/ADh    00/93H
 CCP-Del	69h	00/E2h	 00/C8h	   00/AEh    00/94H
 CCP-CNTR	6Ah	00/E3h	 00/C9h	   00/AFh    00/95H
 f1		70h	00/E9h	 00/CFh	   00/B5h    00/9BH
 f2		71h	00/EAh	 00/D0h	   00/B6h    00/9CH
 f3		72h	00/EBh	 00/D1h	   00/B7h    00/9DH
 f4		73h	00/ECh	 00/D2h	   00/B8h    00/9EH
 f5		74h	00/EDh	 00/D3h	   00/B9h    00/9FH
 f6		75h	00/EEh	 00/D4h	   00/BAh    00/A0H
 f7		76h	00/EFh	 00/D5h	   00/BBh    00/A1H
 f8		77h	00/F0h	 00/D6h	   00/BCh    00/A2H
Note:	only HP-specific codes are listed in this table; see INT 09 for a full
	  list of standard scan codes
SeeAlso: #00006,#00601