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Table 1402

Bitfields for access and sharing modes:
Bit(s)	Description	)
 2-0	access mode
	000 read only
	001 write only
	010 read/write
	011 (DOS 5+ internal) passed to redirector on EXEC to allow
		case-sensitive filenames
 3	reserved (0)
 6-4	sharing mode (DOS 3.0+) (see #01403)
	000 compatibility mode
	001 "DENYALL" prohibit both read and write access by others
	010 "DENYWRITE" prohibit write access by others
	011 "DENYREAD" prohibit read access by others
	100 "DENYNONE" allow full access by others
	111 network FCB (only available during server call)
 7	inheritance
	if set, file is private to current process and will not be inherited
	  by child processes
SeeAlso: #01782,#01403

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