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Table 601

Values for HP Vectra keyboard translation specifier:
 00h	map V_CCP to V_CCPCUR, forcing the cursor pad to return cursor keys
 01h	map V_CCP to V_CCPNUM, forcing the cursor pad to always return numbers
 02h	map V_CCP to V_OFF, disabling the cursor pad
 03h	map V_CCP to V_CCPGID, converting cursor pad keys to GID data
 04h	map V_CCP to V_RAW, passing cursor pad data untranslated to INT 09
 05h	map V_SOFTKEY to V_SKEY2KFEY, translating into standard function keys
 06h	map V_SOFTKEY to V_RAW, passing Softkey scancodes direct to INT 09
 07h	map V_SOFTKEY to V_OFF, disabling HP Softkeys
SeeAlso: #00602

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