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Table 201

Format of SOLLEX SuperVGA info structure:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	DWORD	pointer to VESA function dispatch table
 04h	DWORD	pointer to SOLLEX function dispatch table
 08h	DWORD	pointer to VESA SuperVGA info (see #00077 at AX=4F00h)
 0Ch	DWORD	pointer to mode info structure table, consisting of
		  alternating ResInfo (see #00202) and VESA mode information
		  (see #00079 at AX=4F01h) blocks, terminated with an FFFFh word
 10h	DWORD	pointer to font info structure table (see #00203)
 14h	WORD	high resolution crystal frequency in Hz (0000h = not present)
 16h	DWORD	pointer to ASCIZ ID string
 1Ah	DWORD	pointer to timeout reset table
		array of bytes, each a multiple of the minimum time increment
 1Eh	WORD	minimum time increment in timer ticks
 20h	BYTE	inverse options supported
		bit 0: inverse supported
		bits 1-7: reserved
 21h	BYTE	normal color value
 22h	BYTE	inverse color value
 23h	WORD	port to be accessed for normal/inverse settings
 25h	WORD	type of interface chip (currently undefined)
 27h	WORD	program operational mode
		bits 1-0: 00 no preference
			  01 terse (minimum detail in program messages)
			  10 verbose
			  11 use menus if supported, verbose mode otherwise
		bits 7-2: reserved
 29h	WORD	SOLLEX specification version
 2Bh	WORD	version of VESA/SOLLEX implementation
 2Dh	DWORD	offset to relocatable portion of SOLLEX extensions (for CONFIG)
 2Eh	DWORD	offset to unused section of the extensions ROM
 31h 16 BYTEs	reserved
Note:	all DWORD pointers initially require segment fixups; if the segment
	  is 0000h, it should be changed to the returned ES, otherwise it
	  may be assumed to be correct

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