Values for VMINI / ENABLE (VxD ID 0037h) service number:
 0000h	get version
	Return: CF clear
		EAX = version (AH = major, AL = minor)
 0001h	"VMINI_Update"
	??? (performs VMMCall 1800Eh, then falls through to service 04h)
	Return: EAX = system time???
 0002h	"VMINI_Status"
	get current ???
	Return: EAX = ???
 0003h	"VMINI_DisplayError" (schedules a global event via VMMCall 1800Eh)
	Return: ???
 0004h	"VMINI_SetTimeStamp" (performs VMMCall 100CFh)
	Return: EAX = system time
 0005h	"VMINI_Siren" (call ??? priority event)
	Return: nothing
 0006h	"VMINI_RegisterAccess" (set ??? / get ???)
	EDI -> buffer containing data to copy into VxD and space for results
	Return: EDI buffer updated
 0007h	"VMINI_GetData"
	EBX = ??? flags (bits 2,15,17,18 checked)
	EDI -> ???
	Return: ???
 0008h	"VMINI_ShutDownItem" (schedules a global event via VMMCall 1800Eh)
	Return: ???
 0009h	"VMINI_RegisterSK" (get ??? data)
	EDI -> buffer for data (see #01301)
	Return:	EDI buffer updated if large enough
SeeAlso: #01299,#01302,#02677 at INT 2F/AX=1684h/BX=0037h