Format of PCI Configuration Data for Intel 82371AB (PIIX4), ISA Bridge:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h 64 BYTEs	header (see #00878)
		(vendor ID 8086h, device ID 7110h)
 40h 12 BYTEs	reserved
 4Ch	BYTE	ISA I/O recovery timer (see #01101)
 4Dh	BYTE	reserved
 4Eh	WORD	X-Bus Chip Select (see #01089,#01102)
 50h 16 BYTEs	reserved
 60h	BYTE	PIRQA route control (see #01076)
 61h	BYTE	PIRQB route control (see #01076)
 62h	BYTE	PIRQC route control (see #01076)
 63h	BYTE	PIRQD route control (see #01076)
!!!intel\29056201.pdf p.59
 64h	BYTE	serial IRQ control
 65h  4 BYTEs	reserved???
 69h	BYTE	top of memory
 6Ah	WORD	miscellaneous status
 6Ch 10 BYTEs	reserved???
 76h	BYTE	motherboard device DMA control 0
 77h	BYTE	motherboard device DMA control 1
 78h  9 BYTEs	reserved???
 80h	BYTE	APIC base address relocation
 81h	BYTE	reserved???
 82h	BYTE	deterministic latency control
 83h 13 BYTEs	reserved???
 90h	WORD	PCI DMA configuration
 92h	WORD	distributed DMA (channels 0-3) slave base pointer
 94h	WORD	distributed DMA (channels 5-7) slave base pointer
 96h 26 BYTEs	reserved???
 B0h	DWORD	general configuration
 B4h 23 BYTEs	reserved???
 CBh	BYTE	real-time clock configuration
 CCh 52 BYTEs	reserved
SeeAlso: #00873,#01103,#01104,#01105