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INT 2F - Arabic/Hebrew DOS 5.0???+ - GET FONTPAGE STATUS???

	AX = AD43h
Return: AL = status
	    00h successful
	    01h-0Ah codepage info not found
	    0Bh bad codepage info file
	    0Ch font page not found or not available with codepage
	    else device prepare error
Note:	called by Arabic/Hebrew MS-DOS 5.0 CODEPAGE.COM when the sequence
	  INT 2F/AX=AD42h & INT 21/AX=6602h to set fontpage & codepage returned
	  with CF set and AX <> 2, and the following INT 21/AH=59h returned
	  error code 41h (65) (that is, the codepage was prepared, but could
	  not be set).
SeeAlso: AX=AD41h,AX=AD42h,INT 21/AX=6601h,INT 21/AX=6602h

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