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INT 2F - Arabic/Hebrew DOS 5.0???+ - GET CURRENT FONTPAGE

	AX = AD41h
	(CX = 0000h)
Return: CX = current fontpage
Notes:	Called by Arabic/Hebrew MS-DOS 5.0 CODEPAGE.COM immediately before
	  a call to INT21h/6601h to get the current codepage.
	The function is probably implemented in the ARABIC.COM/HEBREW.COM
	The CX = 0 on call is not actually a requirement, but it should be
	  initialized this way to receive a fontpage 0 if ARABIC.COM/
	  HEBREW.COM is not loaded. A fontpage 0 indicated no fontpage
	  support. At least this is what CODEPAGE.COM assumes (by using
	  the CX=0 init status of a .COM program, when not being loaded
	  in DEBUG.)
	Some European clones have code page 850 as their hardware font instead
	  of code page 437
	!!!more details to follow
SeeAlso: AX=AD42h,AX=AD43h

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