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Category: resident utilities

INT 2F - GO! v3.22+ - API

	AX = FE00h
	DX = 474Fh ('GO')
	SI = function number
	    0063h (BCD for '?') installation check
	    0078h (BCD for 'N') non-registered search (two levels only)
	    0082h (BCD for 'R') reserved for registered version
	    0083h (BCD for 'S') reserved for registered version
	    0085h (BCD for 'U') uninstall
	BX:CX -> buffer (for search functions)
		buffer filled with search spec, i.e. "APL" to get first
		  directory containing the substring APL, ":\APL" to find
		  the first top-level directory beginning with the letters
Return: BX:CX buffer filled with result (search functions only)
		result is counted ASCIZ directory name, empty string if
		no matches (i.e. first byte is length of name, followed by
Program: GO! is a shareware directory locator TSR by Steve Ryckman
Note:	the application-supplied buffer for the requests and results which
	  BX:CX points at must lie outside the conventional (low-640K)
	  memory, since the TSR swaps memory on pop-up; a common location is
	  the last 96 bytes of the video memory or a UMB

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