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Category: BIOS
Flags: callout or callback (usually hooked rather than called)


	AH = 4Fh
	AL = hardware scan code (see #00006)
	CF set
Return: CF set to continue processing scan code
	   AL = possibly-altered hardware scan code (see #00006)
	CF clear
	   scan code should be ignored
Notes:	called by INT 09 handler to translate scan codes; the INT 09 code does
	  not examine the scan code it reads from the keyboard until after
	  this function returns.  This permits software to rearrange the
	  keyboard; for example, swapping the CapsLock and Control keys, or
	  turning the right Shift key into Enter.
	DOS 6 KEYB.COM will not pass through this function if Ctrl-Alt-Del is
	  pressed and a SmartDrive v4-compatible cache is installed which has
	  dirty cache buffers; some other disk caches such as HyperDisk
	  operate similarly in order to prevent loss of cached data which has
	  not yet been written to disk
	IBM classifies this function as required
SeeAlso: INT 09,INT 15/AH=C0h

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