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Category: DOS extenders

INT 2F - DOS Protected Mode Services (DPMS) v1.0 - INSTALLATION CHECK

	AX = 43E0h
	BX = 0000h
	CX = 4450h ('DP')
	DX = 4D53h ('MS')
Return: AX = 0000h if installed
	    CF clear
	    ES:DI -> server structure (see #02791)
	    ES:BX -> registration structure (pre-NWDOS 7 beta spec) (see #02793)
Note:	the DPMS 1.0 server included with the original release of Novell DOS
	  7.0 supports both the beta and 1.0 specification, setting ES:BX even
	  if CX and DX are not as specified on entry (since the beta
	  specification did not use those registers).  However, the DPMS 1.1
	  server included with the March 1994 update does not support the beta
SeeAlso: AX=43E1h,AX=43E2h,AX=43E3h,INT 2F/AX=1687h
Index:	signature strings;DPMS

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