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Category: keyboard enhancers

INT 16 - CtrlAlt Associates STACKEY.COM v3.00 - API

	AH = CAh
	BX = 736Bh ("sk")
	CX = 736Bh
	AL = function
	    00h installation check
		Return: DX = words available in keyboard buffer
	    01h place keystroke in buffer
		DX = keystroke (DH = scan code, DL = ASCII character)
		Return: DX = words available in keyboard buffer
			    FFFFh on error
	    02h flush STACKEY and BIOS keyboard buffers
Return: AX = CAFFh if installed
	    BX = segment of resident code
	    CX = STACKEY version (CH = major, CL = minor)
Program: STACKEY is a shareware keyboard-input faking TSR
Index:	installation check;STACKEY

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