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Category: DOS kernel


	AH = 11h
	DS:DX -> unopened FCB (see #01345), may contain '?' wildcards
Return: AL = status
	    00h successful
		[DTA] unopened FCB for first matching file
	    FFh no matching filename, or bad FCB
Notes:	the type of the returned FCB depends on whether the input FCB was a
	  normal or an extended FCB
	the data returned in the DTA (disk transfer area) is actually the
	  drive number (or extended FCB header and drive number) followed by
	  the file's directory entry (see #01352); this format happens to be
	  compatible with an unopened FCB
	for extended FCBs with search attribute 08h, the volume label (if any)
	  will be returned even if the current directory is not the root dir.
	DOS 3.0+ also allows the '*' wildcard
	the search FCB at DS:DX must not be modified if AH=12h will be used to
	  continue searching; DOS 3.3 has set the following parts of the FCB:
		 0Ch	BYTE	???
		 0Dh	WORD	directory entry number of matching file
		 0Fh	WORD	cluster number of current directory
		 11h  4 BYTEs	???
		 15h	BYTE	drive number (1=A:)
	this function is used by many copy protection schemes to obtain the
	  starting cluster of a file
BUG:	under Windows95, if a .EXE program ("MZ" header) rather than a true
	  .COM calls this function from a DOS box, the ten bytes of the
	  directory entry from 0Ch to 15h may be filled with zeros rather than
	  the additional file times
SeeAlso: AH=12h,AH=1Ah,AH=4Eh,INT 2F/AX=111Bh

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