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Category: virus/antivirus
Flags: Undocumented function

INT 21 - Novell DOS 7 - SDRes v27.03 - INSTALLATION CHECK

	AH = 0Eh
	DL = ADh
Return: AL = BAh if installed
Program: SDRes is the resident portion of the Search&Destroy antiviral by
	  Fifth Generation Systems, as bundled with Novell DOS 7
Note:	SDRes will terminate programs which test for the presence of viruses
	  using interrupt-based installation calls, saying that the program
	  may be infected
SeeAlso: AH=0Eh/DL=AEh,AH=0Eh/DL=AFh,AH=4Ah/BX=00B6h,INT 13/AX=A759h

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