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Category: BIOS

INT 16 - KEYBOARD - GET ENHANCED KEYSTROKE (enhanced kbd support only)

	AH = 10h
Return: AH = BIOS scan code
	AL = ASCII character
Notes:	if no keystroke is available, this function waits until one is placed
	  in the keyboard buffer
	the BIOS scan code is usually, but not always, the same as the hardware
	  scan code processed by INT 09.  It is the same for ASCII keystrokes
	  and most unshifted special keys (F-keys, arrow keys, etc.), but
	  differs for shifted special keys.
	unlike AH=00h, this function does not discard extended keystrokes
	INT 16/AH=09h can be used to determine whether this function is
	  supported, but only on later model PS/2s
SeeAlso: AH=00h,AH=09h,AH=11h,AH=20h,MEM 0040h:0019h,MEM 0040h:001Eh

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