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Category: network
Flags: Undocumented function

INT 2F - Novell NetWare - TCP/IP Protocol Stack - WINDOWS SUPPORT???

	AX = 7A41h
	ES:DI -> FAR entry point for ??? (will be called with BX=1,2,3,4)
Return: AX = 7AFFh if supported
	    0000h:BX = address of interrupt vector for MLID ISR
	    CX = version (CH=major, CL=minor)
	    DX = 0000h
	    ES:SI -> DWORD containing passed value of ES:DI
	    ES:DI -> entry point for TCP/IP stack
Notes:	Novell's LAN Workplace for DOS TCPIP.EXE also supports this interface
	the pointer which is set to ES:DI is cleared to 0000h:0000h when
	  a Windows exit broadcast is received
SeeAlso: AX=7A40h

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