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Category: debuggers/debugging tools


	AH = 02h
	DS:SI -> password or a null byte
	ES = new value for the register SE
	DI = new value for the register OF
	CH = new monitor color if nonzero
	CL = new interpreter color if nonzero
	BH = new monitor start line if nonzero
	BL = new interpreter start line if nonzero
	AL = new ASCII code for the hotkey ('A'..'Z', 'a'..'z') if nonzero
	DL = new status of the special keys (SHIFT, ALT, CTRL) for the hotkey
	      if nonzero
	DH = if nonzero, new basic process number for communication with the
	      drivers (DH = multiplex number for the display driver,
	      DH+1 = multiplex number for the command driver or drivers)
Return: AX = return code
	    FFFFh call not allowed
	    FFFEh password is invalid
	    FFFDh display mode is invalid
	    0000h successful, status changed
	    else AL = error reasons (see #03307)
Note:	the values of the registers SE and OF are always changed, the other
	  values are only changed if they are valid
SeeAlso: AH=00h"MDEBUG"
Index:	hotkeys;MDEBUG

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