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Category: DESQview/TopView and Quarterdeck programs

INT 15 - DESQview v2.42-2.52 - BUG

	AH = 12h
	BH = 17h
	BL = object
	    00h DWORD on top of stack
		mailbox, keyboard, or pointer only
	    02h mailbox for task whose handle is on top of stack
	    03h mailbox for current task
	    04h keyboard for task whose handle is on top of stack
	    05h keyboard for current task
Return: STACK popped if handle passed on stack
Notes:	due to a fencepost error, message 17h is accepted for mailboxes,
	  keyboards, and pointers, but causes a random branch
	DESQview v2.50-2.52 are distributed as part of DESQview/X v1.02

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