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	AX = 1A00h
	BX = 414Eh ('AN')
	CX = 5349h ('SI')
	DX = 2B2Bh ('++')
Return: AL = FFh if installed
	    CF clear
	    ES:BX -> INT 29 entry point
	    CX = ANSIPLUS BCD version number (v3.10+, CH=major, CL=minor)
	    DL = capabilities (v4.00+)
		00h full capability driver
		01h reduced capability driver
		2Bh full capability driver (before v4.00)
Program: ANSIPLUS.SYS is a CON device driver by Kristofer Sweger which
	  replaces the normal ANSI.SYS with a more powerful version having
	  many additional features
Notes:	ANSIPLUS also identifies itself as ANSI.SYS if BX,CX, or DX differ
	  from the magic values above
	an additional installation check is to test for the signature
	  "ANSIPLUS" 12 bytes before the INT 29 entry point; the version
	  number is also available as a four-character ASCII string (e.g.
	  "4.00") four bytes before the entry point
SeeAlso: AX=1AA5h,AX=1AA6h,AX=1AA7h,AX=1AA8h,AX=1AA9h,AX=1AAAh,AX=D44Fh

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