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	AX = 1400h
	BX = 0EDCh
Return: AL = status
	    00h not installed, OK to install
	    01h not installed, not OK to install
		  (for example under a multitasker)
	    FFh installed
		ES:DI -> version signature ("4.01$".."4.04$" for 4.01..4.04)
	flags may be destroyed
Program: NLSFUNC 4.01+ is currently an independent project under
	  development by Matthias Paul. It is not yet publically available,
	  but as NLSFUNC 4.00 did, it will probably become available with
	  future DR-DOS releases.
Notes:	If BX <> 0EDCh on entry, DR-DOS NLSFUNC 4.01+ performs the standard
	  installation check (INT 2F/AX=1400h), and does not change ES:DI.
	DR DOS 5.0+ NLSFUNC 3.00+ returns CF set and AX=0001h, if AL was not
	  00h, FEh, or FFh on entry.
	NLSFUNC 4.01+ will use the ES:DI enhancement to check the driver
	  version and calculate displacements into the resident driver for
	  runtime updates of internal structures like the local NLS database
	  filespec, etc.
	If the returned ES points into the HMA (ES=FFFEh) care should be taken
	  to actually access the HMA while checking the version signature and
	  updating resident data (mutex with local A20 enable/disable).
	While previous issues of NLSFUNC installed under a multitasker,
	  DR-DOS NLSFUNC 4.01+ will actually adapt to work properly in this
SeeAlso: AX=1400h"NLSFUNC.COM",AX=14FEh,AX=14FFh,INT 21/AH=65h

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