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Category: expansion bus BIOSes

INT 1A - PCMCIA Socket Services v2.1 - GET ACCESS OFFSETS

	AH = A1h
	AL = adapter number
	BH = Mode
	     00h = Real Mode
	     01h = 16:16 Protected Mode
	     02h = 16:32 Protected Mode
	     03h = 00:32 Protected Mode
	CX = Number of access offsets
	ES:EDI -> buffer supplied by caller, CX words long (see #00696)
Return: CF clear if successful
	    AH destroyed
	    DX = number of access offsets supported
	    ES:EDI unchanged
	CF set on error
	    AH = error code (01h,15h,16h) (see #00656)
Desc:	Returns an array of low-level adapter-specific optimized
	PC Card access routines for adapters that use registers
	or I/O ports to access PC Card memory.	Adapters that access
	PC Card memory through windows mapped to host system memory
	do not support this function.
Note:	offsets returned are 16-bit offsets into the
	Socket Services code segment.  They must be called
	appropriately for the processor mode selected.
	(Real, 16:16 and 16:32 modes use FAR CALL,
	Flat 00:32 mode uses a 32-bit NEAR CALL).
SeeAlso: AH=AEh

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