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Category: file/disk compression

INT 2F - Microsoft Realtime Compression Interface (MRCI) - RAM-BASED SERVER

	AX = 4A12h
	CX = 4D52h ("MR")
	DX = 4349h ("CI")
Return: CX = 4943h ("IC") if installed
	DX = 524Dh ("RM") if installed
	    ES:DI -> MRCINFO structure (see #00725 at INT 1A/AX=B001h)
Note:	this call is functionally identical to INT 1A/AX=B001h, but should be
	  called first, as the latter call is used for the first, ROM-based
	  MRCI server, while this call is used for RAM-based servers which
	  may be partially or entirely replacing a prior server
SeeAlso: AX=4A12h/CX=5354h,INT 1A/AX=B001h

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