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Category: CPU-generated
Flags: callout or callback (usually hooked rather than called)


Desc:	the CPU generates this interrupt when it detects a protection violation
	  which does not fit under any other category having a separate
Notes:	called in real mode when
	    an instruction accesses a memory operand extending beyond offset
	      FFFFh (i.e. WORD at FFFFh or DWORD at FFFDh or higher) in segment
	      CS, DS, ES, FG, or GS
	    a PUSH MEM or POP MEM instruction contains an invalid bit encoding
	      in the second byte
	    an instruction exceeds the maximum length allowed (10 bytes for
	      80286, 15 bytes for 80386/80486)
	    an instruction wraps from offset FFFFh to offset 0000h
	called in protected mode on protection violations not covered by INT 06
	  through INT 0C, including
	    segment limit violations
	    write to read-only segments
	    accesses using null DS or ES selectors
	    accesses to segments with privilege greater than CPL
	    wrong descriptor type
	called on 80486 protected-mode floating-point protection fault
SeeAlso: INT 09"80486",INT 0C"STACK"

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