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Category: other operating systems
Flags: Undocumented function

INT 21 - OS/2 v2.0+ Virtual DOS Machine - SET SESSION TITLE

	AH = 64h
	DX = 0001h (function number)
	CX = 636Ch (magic value, "cl")
	BX = 0000h (indicates special request)
	ES:DI -> new ASCIZ title (max 12 char) or "" to restore default title
Note:	if CX is not 636Ch on entry, INT 21/AH=6Ch is invoked, because a bug
	  in OS/2 1.x FAPI erroneously called AH=64h instead of AH=6Ch
SeeAlso: AH=64h/DX=0000h,AH=64h/DX=0002h,INT 15/AH=12h/BH=05h

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