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Category: hardware
Flags: callout or callback (usually hooked rather than called)

INT 0D - IRQ5 - FIXED DISK (PC,XT), LPT2 (AT), reserved (PS/2)

Notes:	under DESQview, only the INT 15h vector and BASIC segment address (the
	  word at 0000h:0510h) may be assumed to be valid for the handler's
	DOS 3.3+ revectors IRQ5 to a stack-switching routine unless STACKS=0
	  has been set in CONFIG.SYS.  MS/PC-DOS use the IBM Interrupt Sharing
	  Protocol (see #02568) when hooking this IRQ
	the Tandy 1000, 1000A, and 1000HD use IRQ2 for the hard disk; the
	  1000EX, HX, RLX, RLX-HD, RLX-B, RLX-HD-B use IRQ5 instead; the
	  1000RL, RL-HD, SL, SL/2, TL, TL/2, and TL/3 are jumper-selectable
	  for either IRQ2 or IRQ5 (default IRQ5); the 1000SX and TX are
	  DIP-switch selectable for IRQ2 or IRQ5 (default IRQ2); the RSX and
	  RSX-HD use IRQ14.  Tandy systems which use IRQ2 for the hard disk
	  interrupt use IRQ5 for vertical retrace.
	may be masked by setting bit 5 on I/O port 21h
SeeAlso: INT 0E"IRQ6",INT 0F"IRQ7",INT 55"DESQview",INT 5D"DoubleDOS"
SeeAlso: INT 7D"GO32"

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