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Category: vendor-specific BIOS extensions

INT 6F - HP Vectra EX-BIOS - "F_ISR" (internal) - RESPOND TO LOGICAL ISR

	AH = 00h
	BP = ID for driver (see #03741)
	DH = data type (see #03742)
	DL = physical device driver's index (driver ID / 6)
	BX,CX = data
	ES:0000h -> physical device's Describe Record (see #03749)
	---keypress event data---
	    BH = keyboard state (only if bit 5 of DH set) (see #03743)
	    BL = scancode (if bit 4 of DH clear)
	    CX = number of scancodes in list (if bit 4 of DH set)
	    ES:SI -> scancode list (if bit 4 of DH set)
	---motion event data---
	    BX = new X position (abs device) or X increment (relative device)
	    CX = new Y position (abs device) or Y increment (relative device)
	---button event data
	    BL = button information
		bits 15-8 reserved
		bit 7: button state (0 = down, 1 = up)
		bits 6-0: button number (0-7)
	    BH = reserved
Return: AH = status (see #03744)
	BP,DS destroyed
	---if device is keyboard translator---
	    BL = translated scancode
	    BH = new keyboard state (if DH bit 5 set) (see #03743)
	    DH = new scancode type (see #03742)
Notes:	INT 6F corresponds to IRQ23 on the original HP Vectra AT, which is
	  unavailable because of its use as a BIOS extension software interrupt
	the INT 6F handler consists of an instruction to load DS with the
	  driver's data segment followed by an indexed far jump using BP to
	  select the destination vector; since the interrupt handler is
	  located immediately following the dispatch table, the HP_VECTOR_TABLE
	  may be found by looking at offset 0000h in the INT 6F segment, and
	  its size is equal to the offset of the interrupt handler
	each entry in the HP_VECTOR table consists of a DWORD for the driver's
	  entry point address and a WORD for the driver's data segment
	this function is not user-callable, as it is a response to a physical
	  event, and assumes that the caller has already handled the physical
	  interrupt and updated the Describe Record (see #03749) to reflect
	  the event
SeeAlso: INT 6C"HP Vectra",INT 6F/AX=0200h"HP Vectra"

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