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Category: network

INT 2F - Novell NetWare - Adv NetWare 4.0 DOS Requester - GET VLM CALL ADDRESS

	AX = 7A20h
	BX = 0000h
Return: AX = 0000h on success (installed)
	    ES:BX -> far call address for DOS Requester (see #02859)
Notes:	the DOS Requester replaces the NetWare Shell (ANETx, NETx) on
	  NetWare LAN's as of the release of Advanced NetWare 4.0 (1993).  It
	  is backward compatible with NetWare 2.1x through 3.11 servers as
	  well.	 Note that there was a NetWare 4.0 in the early 1980's, which
	  can cause confusion.
	this call is used as the installation check by VLM.EXE, which is the
	  loader for all the modules of the DOS Requester
	.VLMs are standard old .EXE format executables whose normal entry point
	  merely terminates to prevent loading from the command line (Novell's
	  VLMs all return errorlevel 6).  The real entry point is found by
	  looking at the VLM header at the beginning of the load image
	  (see #02862)
Index:	installation check;NetWare 4.0 DOS Requester
SeeAlso: AX=7A20h/BX=0001h,AX=7A20h/BX=0002h

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