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Category: DESQview/TopView and Quarterdeck programs


	AH = 12h
	BH = 0Dh
	BL = object
	    00h handle is DWORD on top of stack
		timer:	  close
		keyboard: detach from window and discard queued input
		pointer:  stop taking input
		panel:	  close
		mailbox:  close, unlock, and discard any pending messages
	    02h close given task's mailbox (task's handle on top of stack)
	    03h close task's default mailbox
	    04h close KEYBOARD object (handle on top of stack)
	    05h close task's default KEYBOARD
	    06h close given task's OBJECTQ (task's handle on top of stack)
	    07h close current task's OBJECTQ
Return: STACK popped if handle passed on stack
Notes:	when an OBJECTQ is closed, each object in the OBJECTQ is sent an
	  ERASE message (AH=12h/BH=0Eh)
	when a panel object is closed, the panel file and any panels currently
	  in use are freed; window and keyboard objects created by APPLY are
	  not affected, but field mode input ceases
	open but idle timer objects consume a small amount of CPU time
SeeAlso: AH=12h/BH=0Ch,AH=12h/BH=0Eh,AH=12h/BH=14h"LOCK"

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