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Category: DOS kernel

INT 21 - DOS 3.1+ network - REDIRECT DEVICE

	AX = 5F03h
	BL = device type
	    03h printer
	    04h disk drive
	CX = user data to save
		0000h for LANtastic
		4E57h ("NW") for NetWare 4.0 requester
	DS:SI -> ASCIZ local device name (16 bytes max)
	ES:DI -> ASCIZ network name + ASCIZ password (128 bytes max total)
Return: CF clear if successful
	CF set on error
	    AX = error code (01h,03h,05h,08h,0Fh,12h) (see #01680 at AH=59h)
Notes:	if device type is disk drive, DS:SI must point at either a null string
	  or a string consisting the drive letter followed by a colon; if a
	  null string, the network attempts to access the destination without
	  redirecting a local drive
	the DOS kernel calls INT 2F/AX=111Eh with AX on top of the stack
	also supported by Banyan VINES, LANtastic, and 10NET
SeeAlso: AX=5F02h,AX=5F04h,INT 2F/AX=111Eh,INT 60/AX=0002h

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