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Category: CPU-generated
Flags: callout or callback (usually hooked rather than called), available only in protected mode

INT 0A - CPU-generated (80286+) - INVALID TASK STATE SEGMENT

Desc:	automatically called during a task switch if the new TSS specified by
	  the task gate is invalid for any of the following reasons:
		TSS limit is less than 43 (80286) or 103 (80386/80486)
		LDT selector invalid or segment not present
		null SS selector, or SS selector outside LDT/GDT limit
		stack segment is read-only
		stack segment DPL differs from new CPL, or RPL <> CPL
		CS selector is outside LDT/GDT limit or not code
		non-conforming code segment's DPL differs from CPL
		conforming code segment's DPL > CPL
		DS/ES selectors outside LDT/GDT limit or not readable segments
Note:	the handler must use a task gate in order to have a valid TSS under
	  which to execute; it must also reset the busy bit in the new TSS
SeeAlso: INT 0B"CPU"

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