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Category: mouse/pointing device


	AX = 006Dh 'm'
Return: ES:DI -> Microsoft version number of resident driver (see #03187)
Notes:	also supported by Logitech, Mouse Systems, Kraft, and Genius mouse
	the Mouse Systems 7.01 and Genius Mouse 9.06 drivers report their
	  Microsoft version as 7.00 even though they do not support any of the
	  functions from 0025h through 002Dh supported by the MS 7.00 driver
	  (the Genius Mouse driver supports function 0026h, but it differs
	  from the Microsoft function)
	the TRUEDOX 4.01 driver reports its version as 6.26 through this call,
	  but as 6.24 through AX=0024h
	There seems to be no reliable method to distinguish MS MOUSE before
	  3.00 from mouse drivers of other vendors.
	Some releases of the MS MOUSE 6.00 erroneously return 6.01 instead of
	  their true version number.  In this case, a DI value of 01ABh can
	  be used to still detect a 6.00 driver.
	For returned versions 6.02+, INT 33/AX=0024h should be used to retrieve
	  more accurate version data. 
	True MS MOUSE drivers can also be identified by magic numbers in
	  their copyright message, stored in the driver's segment (ES).
	  These can be found by scanning the first 2 Kb of the mouse 
	  driver's segment for a string like: [new since 7.00+] 
	  "** This is Copyright 1983[-19xx] Microsoft ***" with the
	  magic number stored one byte after the signature string.
SeeAlso: AX=0024h,AX=004Dh,AX=006Ah,AX=266Ch

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