Category: expansion bus BIOSes

INT 15 - Intel System Management Bus - GET DEVICE ADDRESSES

	AX = 53B0h
	BH = 06h
	BL = position in list to report
	CH = 6941h ('iA')
Return: CF clear if successful
	    AH = 00h (SMBus OK)
	    BH = number of SMBus devices
	    BL = SMBus Device Address of device at position BL in list
		(see #00486)
	CF set if error
	    AH = error code (06h,0Ah,86h) (see #00484)
Desc:	retrieves already assigned SMBus device addresses
Notes:	this function is supported in INT 15h mode only
	bit 0 of the device address indicates read/write, so a device may
	  be listed at both xxxxxxx0b and xxxxxxx1b
SeeAlso: I2C A0h [and I2C.LST in general]