Category: hardware
Flags: callout or callback (usually hooked rather than called)


Desc:	generated 18.2 times per second by channel 0 of the 8254 system timer,
	  this interrupt is used to keep the time-of-day clock updated
Notes:	programs which need to be invoked regularly should use INT 1C unless
	  they need to reprogram the timer while still keeping the time-of-day
	  clock running at the proper rate
	default handler is at F000h:FEA5h in IBM PC and 100%-compatible BIOSes
	may be masked by setting bit 0 on I/O port 21h
SeeAlso: INT 1C,INT 4A"SYSTEM",INT 50"DESQview",INT 58"DoubleDOS",INT 70"IRQ8"
SeeAlso: INT 78"GO32",INT D8"Screen Thief",MEM 0040h:0040h,MEM 0040h:006Ch