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Category: sound/speech


	AX = FF01h
	DX = number of clock ticks to delay
Return: AH = status
	    00h successful
	    01h SND busy
Notes:	if successful, execution returns to the caller after the delay expires;
	  if SND is busy, execution returns immediately
	the IC v2.0 implementation of this API makes no special allowance for
	  time rollover at midnight, which can cause the delay to be over one
	  hour if this function is called just before the BIOS time count
	  rolls over and the delay extends into the next day
SeeAlso: AX=FF00h,INT 15/AH=86h,INT 62/AX=0096h,INT 7F/AH=E8h,INT 80/BX=0009h
SeeAlso: INT E0/CL=BDh

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