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Category: expansion bus BIOSes

INT 1A - PCMCIA Socket Services v1.00 - GET SOCKET

	AH = 8Dh
	AL = adapter number
	BL = socket number (01h to maximum supported by adapter)
Return: CF clear if successful
	    AH destroyed
	    BH = status change interrupt enable mask (see #00658)
	    CH = Vcc level (lower nybble) (see #00684)
	    CL = Vpp1 level (upper nybble) and Vpp2 level (lower nybble)
	    DH = current socket status (see #00659)
	    DL = indicators (see #00681)
	    SI = card type (see #00685)
	    DI = IRQ level steering (I/O only) (see #00686)
	CF set on error
	    AH = error code (01h,0Bh) (see #00656)
SeeAlso: AH=8Ch,AH=8Eh

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