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Category: DESQview/TopView and Quarterdeck programs


	AH = 12h
	BH = 05h
	BL = object
	    00h handle is DWORD on top of stack
		timer: start timer to end at a specified time
		keyboard: add input buffer to queue
		pointer: move pointer icon to specified position
	    02h send message by value/status=0 to mbox (task's handle on stack)
	    03h send message by value/status=0 to current task's mailbox
	    04h add input buffer to KEYBOARD queue (handle on top of stack)
	    05h add input buffer to task's default KEYBOARD queue
	    06h add an object to OBJECTQ (handle on top of stack)
	    07h add an object to task's default OBJECTQ
	STACK: (if mailbox)  DWORD length
			     DWORD address
	       (if keyboard) DWORD status (scan code in keystroke mode)
			     DWORD length (should be 1 in keystroke mode)
			     DWORD address
	       (if objectq)  DWORD handle of object to add
	       (if timer)    DWORD 1/100ths seconds since midnight (actually
				   only accurate to 1/18 sec)
	       (if pointer)  DWORD column relative to origin of window
			     DWORD row relative to origin of window
Return: STACK popped
Notes:	under DV 2.2+, failed mailbox writes may return CF set (see AX=DE15h)
	the data and status written to a keyboard object must match the format
	  returned by the keyboard object in the current mode
	the pointer position is scaled according to the current scaling factors
SeeAlso: AH=12h/BH=04h,AH=12h/BH=85h

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