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Category: FAX

INT 2F - Communicating Applications Specification - OPEN FILE

	AX = CB07h
	BX = event handle from find (AL=05h,06h) or submit task (AL=01h)
	CX = receive file number (ignored for task queue and log queue)
	    0000h  open receive control file
	    N	   open Nth received data file
	DL = queue
	    00h task queue
	    01h receive queue control file or received file, as given by CX
	    02h log queue
	    03h group file in task queue (v1.2+)
	    04h group file in log queue (v1.2+)
Return: AX = 0000h successful
	    BX = DOS file handle for requested file
	AX < 0	   error code (see #03048)
Note:	the returned file handle has been opened in read-only mode and should
	  be closed with INT 21/AH=3Eh after use
SeeAlso: AX=CB01h,AX=CB05h,AX=CB14h

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