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Category: CPU-generated
Flags: callout or callback (usually hooked rather than called)

INT 06 - CPU-generated (80186+) - INVALID OPCODE

Desc:	this interrupt is generated when the CPU attempts to execute an
	  invalid opcode (most protected-mode instructions are considered
	  invalid in real mode) or a BOUND, LDS, LES, or LIDT instruction
	  which specifies a register rather than a memory address
Notes:	return address points to beginning of invalid instruction
	with proper programming, this interrupt may be used to emulate
	  instructions which do not exist; many 386 BIOSes emulate the 80286
	  undocumented LOADALL instruction which was removed from the 80386+
	generated by the 80386+ when the LOCK prefix is used with instructions
	  other than BTS, BTR, BTC, XCHG, XADD (486), CMPXCHG (486), INC, DEC,
	  NOT, NEG, ADD, ADC, SUB, SBB, AND, OR, or XOR, or any instruction
	  not accessing memory.
SeeAlso: INT 0C"CPU",INT 0D"CPU"

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