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Category: FAX

INT 2F - Communicating Applications Specification - FIND FIRST QUEUE ENTRY

	AX = CB05h
	CX = status of events to find
	    0000h successful completion
	    0001h waiting to be processed
	    0002h number has been dialed
	    0003h connection established, sending
	    0004h connection established, receiving
	    0005h event aborted
	    FFFFh find any event, regardless of status
	    other negative values, match error code
	DH = direction
	    00h chronological order, earliest to latest
	    01h reverse chronological order, latest to earliest
	DL = queue to search
	    00h task queue
	    01h receive queue
	    02h log queue
Return: AX = 0000h successful
	    BX = event handle for found event
	AX < 0	   error code (see #03048)
SeeAlso: AX=CB06h,AX=CB07h

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