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Category: DOS extenders
Flags: obsolete (no longer present in current versions), available only in protected mode

INT 21 - Phar Lap 386/DOS-Extender VMM v2.1c - READ PAGE-TABLE ENTRY

	AX = 251Dh
	BL = address type
	    00h linear address
		ECX = linear address of page table entry to read
	    01h pointer
		ES:ECX -> page table entry to read
Return: CF clear if successful
	    EAX = contents of page table entry
	CF set on error
	    EAX = error code
		09h invalid address or NOPAGE option set
		78h invalid under DPMI
Note:	this function is obsolete; use AX=252Bh/BH=09h instead
SeeAlso: AX=251Eh,AX=252Bh/BH=09h,AX=EB00h,INT 31/AX=0506h

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