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Category: DESQview/TopView and Quarterdeck programs


	AH = 12h
	BH = 04h
	BL = object
	    00h handle is DWORD on top of stack
		mailbox: wait for and get next message
		keyboard: wait for and get pointer to next input buffer
		pointer: wait for and get next message
	    02h get next message from mailbox (task's handle on top of stack)
	    03h get next message from current task's mailbox
	    04h get the next input from keyboard (handle on top of stack)
	    05h get the next input from task's default keyboard
	    06h wait for input from any object in OBJECTQ (handle on stack)
	    07h wait for input from any object in task's default OBJECTQ
Return: STACK: (if objectq) DWORD handle of object with input
	       (otherwise)  DWORD number of bytes
			    DWORD address of pointer message (see #00437)
Notes:	for a keyboard in keystroke mode, the input buffer is a single byte
	  containing the character code as returned by the BIOS; the BIOS scan
	  code is available via the STATUS call if the character is zero
	for a keyboard in field mode, the input buffer format is determined
	  by the field table header for the window the keyboard is attached to
	keyboard input buffers and mailbox message buffers may be invalidated
	  by the next READ, ERASE, CLOSE, or FREE message to the same object
SeeAlso: AH=12h/BH=05h"OBJECT",AH=12h/BH=84h

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