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Category: DOS kernel

INT 21 - Windows95 - FAT32 - "Get_ExtDPB" - GET EXTENDED DPB

	AX = 7302h
	DL = drive number (00h=default, 01h=A:, etc.)
	ES:DI -> buffer for returned data (see #01786)
	CX = length of buffer (003Fh for Windows95)
	SI = signature (undocumented, must be F1A6h to get device driver
	      address and next-DBP pointer) (see #01787)
Return: CF clear if successful
	    ES:DI buffer filled
	CF set on error
	    AX = error code
	       0018h bad buffer length
SeeAlso: AX=7303h,AX=7304h,AH=1Fh,AH=32h

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